Hello! You have landed on my website! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will learn more about me and my work by viewing this site. Oh, and this site is a constant rewrite because as a screenwriter and novelist, that's all I do!

I hope you gain some insight from what I've written here and occasionally check in for new information about Kimberly Kaplan, screenwriter and novelist and advocate mom of an autistic son.

Career Goals

Writing is my number one career goal. I am a produced and published writer...


Published May, 2011: "A Parents' Guide to Early Autism Intervention" available on both and Amazon Kindle.

Published September, 2011: "Max and The Happy Prince" available on both and Amazon Kindle.

**NEW** Published in September, 2012: "Warsaw Freedom" available on KDP Amazon Select. It will be available in other e-book readers in January, 2013.


"Don't Fall Asleep" (Brent Roske director, Chris Soth, producer, Ashley Hinton) now available on Amazon streaming, Itunes, or soon to be on your local PPV.

"Safeword" (Chris Soth director) in post production

**NEW** Film Short "Cake and Autism" in July, 2012 starring Ed Asner (Tracy Wren, director, Stephen Alba, producer)

I have written many other screenplays and a few novels, all in various stages of development. Optioned screenplays include "Lily," "Me and Hermoine," "A Model Life," "The Day We Met Jackie B," "Songbird," and "Song of the Danube."

What Do I Have to Offer?

A patient, professional, and experienced writer who can work with other writers, producers, directors, and actors. I listen to others, but also attempt to incorporate my vision, your vision, or our vision into the work and construct the collective to (hopefully) coming to life. Experience in writing screenplays; from the "the first 10 pages" to format to dialogue to the beats of a story. I have discovered the Chris Soth Mini Movie Method of writing screenplays, integrated with fifteen years of study with Ken Rotcop, and have a solid and professional approach to screenwriting.