Autism and a Serious Injury

Autism and a Serious Injury   My son broke his foot two weeks ago. What happened? Well, sometimes a teenager with autism is just being a typical teenager. Our son likes to ride a Razor scooter to help regulate his body. He brings it to his grandparents’ house and on vacations. Most of the time, he rides it on our street and on our driveway. Our driveway is on a hill. Our son likes to go to the top of our driveway and ride down, fast, and then turn left into our garage (halfway down the long driveway). For several years now, we have … [Read more...]

High functioning vs. low functioning in autism

High Functioning vs. Low Functioning in Autism In my last blog, I discussed an interaction I had had with a young man on the spectrum. I briefly touched on the topic called, “high functioning.” What is high functioning? The attached article I posted does a very thorough job of explaining the terms high functioning and low functioning. Mainly: *The terms are not diagnostic terms, yet are more like “laymens” terms, used as a shorthand way to describe approximately where a person with autism lands on the autism spectrum. *They quite … [Read more...]

A Community Autism Experience

A Community Autism Experience I was at the gym the other day. I was about to get into the swimming pool when a lifeguard approached me and said, “There’s a young man who is going to share your lane with you. He has high functioning autism, but he knows how to share a pool lane.” What happened? Well, nothing really. I swam on my side and he swam on his side. I have some thoughts, however, on this pretty minor encounter with a young man on the spectrum. Was this a typical interaction? Yes. The pools often get full to the point where a … [Read more...]

Politics and Autism

Politics and Autism   One of my son’s obsessions is politics. Politics? How did that happen? Well, for history class last year, he had to watch the presidential debates. Also, his dad and I talked a lot of politics, especially around the time of the elections. Then, the election didn’t go the way we were hoping. We were disappointed, and so was my son. Then, what happened? Well, my husband and I, and some family and friends, still talk about politics at times. No always, of course, but politics definitely makes it way into … [Read more...]

Autism and Just Being a Teenager

Autism and Just Being a Teenager The title has two meanings because sometimes my child has autism and other times, well, he’s just being a rather typical teenager. How so? Testing and pushing boundaries is one way. With attitude. It’s a lot of fun for parents! Another way is when he recently changed from headphones to earbuds. My son has always had an affinity for listening to stuff on his iPad with headphones (encouraged, of course, by his parents so that it’s less noisy, especially in the car) Earbuds are “cooler.” So, the headphones are … [Read more...]

Autism and Public Speaking

Autism and Public Speaking For a child with autism, my son really doesn’t have a problem speaking in public. Why not? Good question. When he was younger and had to do an oral presentation at school, he did them. We didn’t go to the teacher and say, “Well, he has autism so…” Instead, we had him practice. We helped prepare him. I remember having him sit at a chair in the kitchen (as if he were sitting in his seat at school), stand up, face me and my husband, introduce himself, and launch into the topic. I tried to recreate what it was going … [Read more...]

Autism and The Good Doctor

Autism and The Good Doctor I’m really excited by all of the TV shows out there now that have characters with autism. The Big Bang Theory (even though the show doesn’t acknowledge that Sheldon has autism or Aspergers) Parenthood (no longer running, but available on Netflix) The A Word.  The Bridge. And, The Good Doctor. I’m especially pleased with The Good Doctor. Why? Because the show features a character who is successful in a field that one would think a person with autism might not find success. The field of medicine—being a … [Read more...]