From One Autism Parent to Another I remembered an incident that happened not too long ago. It involved two autism parents and went like this… First, I was one of the autism parents. I was taking my son to an event at a small facility. The event was being run by another autism parent and also involved her own child. (Our kids had met when they both participated in a sport.) What happened at the event? The event itself was something that typically takes place with 20-30-year-olds, so both our kids were involved at a young-ish age. Nothing … [Read more...]

Autism and the Community How do our kids interact within the community? What about their neighborhood? I have read stories about neighborhoods that complain about a child with autism. A few of these stories report that neighbors even go so far as to pressure the family to leave. I have also read (way too many) stories about bullying people with autism. What is it about being in the community and people on the autism spectrum? Community interactions are never easy for our kids. They have a natural tendency to struggle with all … [Read more...]

Autism and Another Fund Raising Event   I like to keep active on the fund raising front. I try to volunteer two or three times a year. One event I volunteer for every year is The Ed Asner Poker Tournament. Ed Asner is a huge supporter of the autism community. Additionally, he just began a non-profit called The Ed Asner Family Center. Their inaugural event was a summer camp for children on the spectrum. What is it like to volunteer for a fund raising event? It’s typically working behind-the-scenes. You arrive early. Sometimes, you … [Read more...]

Another guest blog from Dina Kimmel! Kids Gym Entrepreneur Launches Special Needs Resource Network Dina Kimmel, the CEO and Founder of We Rock the Spectrum ( ), an international franchise with over 65 sensory gyms, announces the launch of Rocking the Spectrum ( ), a special needs resource network for everyone. The site features a library of inspirational and educational videos in its “Warrior Network,” ranging from topics like “Snacking on the Spectrum” which … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Dina Kimmel writes this week... How Sensory Gyms Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum A trampoline, a zip line, and a climbing structure — these may sound like typical pieces of equipment at any regular kids gym. In actuality, they help foster an inclusive learning and play environment. They are some of the necessary pieces of equipment found in a sensory gym. A sensory gym is designed to serve and accommodate the sensory needs of children with sensory processing disorders, such as autism. Unique, specially-designed equipment helps … [Read more...]

A Birthday and Autism   My son just turned fourteen. Now, he’s a fourteen-year-old boy—which means he’s into his devices. He’s not very athletic, however he swims three times a week on a VIP swim team. He has played soccer, but I think his interest is waning. He also plays baseball and that he loves. He’s getting better every year. Even though he’s becoming a gamer, he doesn’t spend hours and hours in front of a device. Either his mother or father will interpret that situation (we know that he needs to move his body from time to … [Read more...]

Autism and Summer Camps I am sending my son to a summer camp at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center for two weeks. This is the first time my son has been to a “real” camp. What did my son do during the previous summers? My son was always in an Extended School Year program. The idea behind children with autism attending ESY programs is to give them some structure during the long summer break. Many don’t do well during the 10 week break. They need to retain some “school type” situation. The rest of the summers were spent either vacationing or … [Read more...]