Dental Issues for Teenagers with Autism A follow up for taking your child with autism to the dentist and getting braces for your child. What did my child need? For years, we took our child to our regular dentist. To be honest, I didn’t love the dental office. However, they have one dental hygienist that began working with my son when he was little. She only works one day a week. And, I book her every time, every six months. Why? Because it’s worth taking my son to this office (the one I’m not crazy about) so he can be seen by the one … [Read more...]

Autism and Puberty My son is fifteen-years-old. Which means…he’s in the throes of puberty. What have been some of his issues? Many of these are common issues of any child (in this case a male child) going through puberty: *Dealing with growing facial hair. Learn how to shave. We bought him an electric razor and my husband gave him a lesson. He does it himself now. *Dealing with other hair. This became a bit of an issue when my son decided to try to shave his legs (the ankle part). I asked him why he did that and he said he just wanted to … [Read more...]

Getting a Child with Autism to Try New Things   My son is a strange mixture when I comes to trying new things. What happens with children with autism? In general, children with autism stick to the things that they like and the things that comfort them. This is, of course, true for all children, but especially for children with autism. This often leads to the refusal of trying new things. Once a food or an activity or a comfort toy is a part of the child’s life, changing is very hard. What about my son? I have realized for years that … [Read more...]

Long Vacations and Autism - Part Four After our latest vacation, I came up with some advice about how to take a long vacation with your child with autism. What advice can I give? First of all, I tried an experiment with my son—that almost backfired on me. My son still adores his comfort toy, a stuffed dog that he sleeps with. I had been talking to him for a while about how he really needs to put "doggie" away. He's a big boy now and maybe he no longer needs a comfort toy. We discussed leaving doggie home during our upcoming summer trip, … [Read more...]

Gluten free diet for autism? Do I have my child eat only gluten free? How do I feel about a gluten free diet for autism? My child has never been on a gluten free diet. Why not? Early on, when my child was receiving over 20 hours of at-home DTT services, along with speech, OT, and other social-related activities, his behaviors were numerous. However, they seemed to be manageable. We were not living a crazy life. He was learning, we were learning, and things were progressing. At times, it was slow progress, but it was progress. We also felt … [Read more...]