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Returning From an Injury for a Teenager with Autism My son broke his foot at the end of January. It was a hard time for him. He’s a kid who loves movement. He takes breaks to help regulate his body. Usually, he does this on his Razor scooter. What happened in school? He had to use crutches for two weeks, and after two weeks he was allowed to walk on his boot. He had to use the elevator at school and he had peers assigned to carry his backpack since he wasn’t allowed to do while using the crutches. What about P.E.? My son really likes P.E. … [Read more...]

Politics and Autism   One of my son’s obsessions is politics. Politics? How did that happen? Well, for history class last year, he had to watch the presidential debates. Also, his dad and I talked a lot of politics, especially around the time of the elections. Then, the election didn’t go the way we were hoping. We were disappointed, and so was my son. Then, what happened? Well, my husband and I, and some family and friends, still talk about politics at times. No always, of course, but politics definitely makes it way into … [Read more...]

Long Vacations and Autism - Part One How do you vacation with a child with autism? I've had this conversation with many parents. We were lucky. We started vacationing with our son when he was very young. He took his first airplane ride when he was four months old. We traveled to the East Coast. And, then he took another East Coast plane ride when he was seven months old. It wasn't until he was fifteen months old that we even knew about his autism. Of course, after that, life got very busy right away. We were all plunged into a new, … [Read more...]

More weaning Off Your Autistic Child’s Aide In my last blog, I discussed when to consider weaning off your autistic child’s aide. I also mentioned how to begin the process. How do you begin the process? I believe the parents must meet with the entire the IEP team and discuss beginning the process of weaning off the school aide. Make sure to have a thorough plan in place by the end of the IEP meeting. This includes concrete strategies that can be put into place within a reasonable period of time. I suggest you make sure the aide’s hours are … [Read more...]