Autism and Vacations My son loves to travel. He got that love to travel from his parents. A few years ago, my son and I took a road trip together—just the two of us. We hit some great Western states and tourist stops. We drove a lot in those twelve days. My son was eleven. We had taken many family trips before that age, but I feel that trip really made my son into a vacation-lover. A traveler. A planner of future vacations. What exactly is a planner of future vacations? A bucket list, I suppose you can call it. I had no problem with my … [Read more...]

Autism and a Red Eye   Over the summer, my son and I flew a red eye to the East Coast. I had taken several red eyes over the last few years, and my son had even taken one with me. I find red eyes are less expensive and I take them because I don’t fly well, which means I won’t sleep the night before a flight anyway, so I figure I might as well take that time to be in the air. How did my son do? The first time he did it, a few years back, he managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours. This time, he didn’t. My son loves to fly, so he … [Read more...]

Spring Break with an Autistic Teenager   This year’s spring break was active for us—especially since I have a teenager. Not that autism (for us, anyway) has everything to do with what activities we plan to do during spring break, but one thing I do like to keep in mind is to make sure my son with autism isn’t spending every free day playing video games. What did we do for spring break? Ever since I have known my husband, we have ventured to Arizona during the spring to watch spring training baseball games. My husband began this … [Read more...]

Autism and Flight Changes My son used to have issues with unexpected changes. The unexpected would sometimes led to meltdowns. He just couldn't wrap his head around sudden change. Now that my child is thirteen, he has improved in that area. However, I was recently reminded of how unexpected change can throw him for a loop. What happened? My son and I were traveling back from the East Coast at the end of June. When we arrived at the airport, we were informed that not only had the airline changed the type of plane we were about to fly in, but … [Read more...]

Autism and a Death in the Family - Part 3 - Traveling In my last two blogs, I discussed how my son reacted to the death of my sibling, and the unexpected change in the plans for the holidays. With that in mind, this blog will be geared more toward anyone who finds themselves having to fly unexpectedly during the holidays—and with a child with special needs. Booking the flights during the holidays for travel during the holidays is one thing—expensive. Most airlines no longer even try to give "bereavement" discounts for these types of … [Read more...]

Long Vacations and Autism - Part Three During our 27-day vacation, my son had a few lows, but many highs. What were some positive memorable moments? One issue with my son is his occasional need to move his body. It explained the need for more car breaks than typical kids need. My son is not much of a climber, but he does pace (and hand shake) and ride a Razor scooter. When I traveled with my son for twelve days last year, we rented a car for the trip. We drove home. This year, we drove across the country in a rented car, but flew home … [Read more...]

Long Vacations and Autism - Part One How do you vacation with a child with autism? I've had this conversation with many parents. We were lucky. We started vacationing with our son when he was very young. He took his first airplane ride when he was four months old. We traveled to the East Coast. And, then he took another East Coast plane ride when he was seven months old. It wasn't until he was fifteen months old that we even knew about his autism. Of course, after that, life got very busy right away. We were all plunged into a new, … [Read more...]