A Bully Stopped a Blog


I had to stop writing this blog due to a troll.

A bully.

This Internet bully found my website and read my blogs—blogs written for the sole purpose of helping other people with children on the spectrum—and bullied my child using my own words.

My child got embarrassed, of course. My child asked me to stop writing.

I was furious with the bully, but honored my child’s request.

A bully.


A bully is a bully is a bully.

A bully will find a way to poke at a person, they’ll put work into it. Some will put hours of research into this, especially ones who troll the Internet. They do it to… fill something missing in their lives? I don’t really know why they do it, except to feel a kind of power. I guess they do it because it makes them feel superior, or to feel something… to plug a hole of some kind.

Internet trolling, bullying, is an anonymous way to really poke at another human being. You don’t have to look a person in the face, you use a fake name, you cover your tracks. Most Internet bullies don’t get caught. Is it illegal to read my blogs then go onto a gaming site and use this information to tease my child? It probably isn’t.

What is it? It is awful.

Why does the bully do it? Because the bully can. Aren’t they clever. They found a blog that helps people, connected me to my child, and then on another website F*%&ed with my child.  

A bully.

Why? It’s sick but it’s fun. It’s anonymous and they can still sleep at night. They’re probably lonely but this makes them feel like they own the world.


Therefore, I stopped posting on my website. My posts were meant to help people but a troll did his/her bullying thing and I had to stop because it affected my family.

A couple of pandemic years past and my child finally goes off to college.

College. Adults. Young people who want to learn in order to get jobs/careers/a purpose.

And, my child gets bullied.

I can’t go into the details, but really?

This time it’s face to face. My child is a bit trusting (and honestly needs to develop a better radar) and the bully went too far. It got creepy.

Fortunately, this time, the bully didn’t hide behind their computer. Reports have been filed. Warnings issued, etc. My child documents things now. And, will try to move past this.

A bully.

I’m happy I don’t have a bully as a child. That thought allows me to sleep well at night.

My child may have autism, but the bully has something that perhaps can’t ever be fixed. Something deep. Disturbing. And, most likely, I think the bully doesn’t want to be fixed. To most bullies, it’s probably some kind of comfort, I think.

It seems to me that a baby isn’t born a bully. They’re taught. And, if they’re taught that “to bully” is okay, then that behavior probably sticks. Forever.

A bully.




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