I published an autism-related book in May, 2011 called, “A Parents’ Guide to Early Autism Intervention.” This book is a useful guide for parents of children who may be on the autism spectrum and what to expect in the early goings of evaluations, therapies, and schooling.

A second published book, in October, 2011, is called “Max and The Happy Prince.” It is a fantasy about a crane who gives up flying only to find friendship, loyalty, and danger.

My third book, published in 2012, is “Warsaw Freedom.” It is about a women who smuggles children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. I wrote it with one question in mind, “Could I have smuggled out my own child from the Warsaw Ghetto?”

My fourth book, published in 2014, is “Two Years Autism Blogs Featured on ModernMom.com.” This book is a collection of autism blogs that I had written for www.modernmom.com over a two year period. The topics range from school to at-home services to tips on vacationing with your autistic individual. The book features a cover drawn by very talented 13-year-old artist who has autism.

In April, 2018, my fifth book was published by Bear Manor Media. It was co-authored with my screenwriting mentor, Ken Rotcop. It’s called Remembering Monty, Monty Hall: Emcee, Song and Dance Man, Humanitarian, and the Face of Let’s Make a Deal.

All of my books are available on Amazon.


I started writing screenplays in 1990.  I optioned one script, Songbird, and produced two plays at the Group Reperatory Theater in Burbank, California.

I have written under the watchful gaze of mentors Ken Rotcop (since 1991) and Chris Soth (since 2009) and many other fella writers.

Since 2006, I have written 5 novels and 20+ screenplays. I co-wrote two produced films with Chris Soth (and other writers). “Don’t Fall Asleep” was shot in Los Angeles winter of 2009-2010 and was released on Itunes and Amazon in 2013. “Safeword” was directed by Chris Soth and released in 2015 on Amazon. My script, Warsaw, (the screenplay version of my book, Warsaw Freedom) garnered a quarterfinal slot in the 2009 Screenwriters Expo Writing Competition and a finalist in the 2014  Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition.

Another script, an animation feature called Max and the Happy Prince, garnered a quarterfinal placement in the 2014 Page Screenwriting competition.

I continue to blog weekly for ModernMom.com, write Star Trek: The Next Generation fan fiction, write screenplays (and rewrite other ones), and read extensively.

I have a passion for autism awareness. “A Parents’ Guide to Early Autism Intervention” has helped many parents with young children on the autism spectrum. So has my second book, “Two Years of Autism Blogs Featured on ModernMom.com.”

I co-wrote a book (with Ken Rotcop) that was published in April, 2018 called “Remembering Monty, Monty Hall: Emcee, Song and Dance Man, Humanitarian, and the Face of Let’s Make a Deal.”

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