Next Step for a Young Adult with Autism

Next Step for a Young Adult with Autism

What comes after high school for many young adults?


Is my child going to college?


Our child decided, with our input, to attend our local community college for the two-year degree, and then go to a four-year school.

Why did he make this decision?

First, our son realized that he doesn’t know what he wants to study in college.

A two-year program would help him complete his general classes while he can make a decision about what to study at a four-year school.

Additionally, his parents understand it’s a good idea to have a “transitional” school like a local, two-year community college.

This community college is close to our home, and the campus is not too large. Our son doesn’t drive, but there is a bus near out home that can take him to school.

Our son will live at home while he commutes to school. He can get used to college life, but still have the stability of home life.

How does a child attend a community college?

First, our child had to apply to our local community college.

Our community college held a Zoom instructional meeting for interested students.

I thought this was an excellent idea.

My son got on the Zoom call on one computer, and I got on the Zoom on another computer.

My son was walked through the process of how to complete a college application. I helped my son with things like our financial information and his social security number.

Even though I assisted him, he applied all by himself.

He submitted the completed application at the end of the Zoom meeting.

How did it go?

He was accepted at the community college.

Post acceptance, he had to complete a financial form and an academic counseling form. (I cheated and assisted him.)

That step is now completed.

There are more steps, but entry into college has begun.  

In conclusion, I look forward to what classes my son chooses and, eventually, how he likes college.

He usually takes a bit of time to get used to a transition, but I know he’ll eventually succeed.

Next Step for a Young Adult with Autism

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