Karen Humble, U.K. – “I’ve learnt more about my daughter’s autism from your book, then I did in the last year!”

“A Parents Guide  to Early Autism Intervention” –

This book has a good story to tell, about how the effects of autism can be mitigated. It is writen in clear prose with a strong voice that lets the passion of the author shine through. It gives concrete suggestions and encouragement to those about to set off on the same journey. It makes it clear that it is hard work but that it can be made to pay off. I learned a lot and I hope that it gets in the hands of as many people close to young autistic kids as possible.

“Max and the Happy Prince” – Very nice and touching story

“Warsaw Freedom” –  

Don’t let the title scare you away. This is an amazing story of the power and strength of all woman. I could not put this book down (as they say now it was unputdownable)! Such a beautiful and amazing story and an insight to what some of our great great great greats endured.

“Warsaw Freedom” – 

Warsaw Freedom is an uplifting and inspiring book, which captures the human dilemma of good versus evil in a way that kept me turning the pages. The book made me feel that even in the most difficult of circumstances, we as people can rise up and triumph in the face of challenge…even when that challenge comes from within ourselves.


Well-written chronicle of survival and friendship in the most challenging of circumstances. Moving and passionate; well- drawn characters evoke an empathic emotional response that lingers long after reading. Recommended highly.


“Warsaw Freedom” – loved this book makes you think

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