Warsaw – A Jewish woman smuggles children while locked inside a WWII ghetto and when she runs into a resistant mother, she kidnaps the child. 

**A 2014 Scriptapalooza Finalist – Runner up!

**A 2014 Peachtree Village International Film Festival Finalist!

**A 2014 Circus Road Films Semi-Finalist!


Max and The Happy Prince – A crane that has lost his ability to fly gives up his flock and walks into a town taken over by a witch. He teams up with other animals, a love interest, and a Sorcerer, to try to free the town, but in order to succeed, he must fly.

**A 2014 Page and Scriptapalooza quarter finalist!


 Winningdale – A down on her luck gal takes a job in a retirement home and befriends a cantankerous old woman. Neither of them quite fit in, yet despite all odds as well as battling the rigid home director, they form an unlikely friendship.

**Director Melanie Mayron attached


Lily – When mid-20’s Lily meets early 50’s Marisa, their attraction for one another and their eventual love is tested by several caveats of society; age differences, relationships between a lifer and a late in lifer, class distinctions, and their own family acceptances. 

BLACK FRIDAY – A mystery shopper has to win a mystery shopping competition on Black Friday. When a competitor shows up, she enlists the help of a filmmaker. 

**A one location script


Saving John Doe – A-list actor Max Cunningham has spent his life hiding his autism until journalist Gwen Worth shows up needing someone to step into her fabricated story in order to help her save her job. Can Gwen keep Max from dying for his new role?

**Optioned by Producer Faye Schwab


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