Kimberly Kaplan AuthorNovels

I published an autism-related book in May, 2011 called, “A Parents’ Guide to Early Autism Intervention.” This book is a useful guide for parents of children who may be on the autism spectrum and what to expect in the early goings of evaluations, therapies, and schooling.

My published a second book in October, 2011 called “Max and The Happy Prince.” It is a fantasy about a crane who gives up flying only to find friendship, loyalty, and danger.

My third book, published in 2012, is “Warsaw Freedom.” It is about a women who smuggles children out of the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. I wrote it with one question in mind, “Could I have smuggled out my child from the Warsaw Ghetto?”

And, finally, my fourth book published in 2014 is “Two Years Autism Blogs Featured on ModernMom.com.” This book is a collection of autism blogs that I had written for www.modernmom.com over a two year period. The topics range from school to at-home services to tips on vacationing with your autistic individual. The book features a cover drawn by 13-year-old artist Megan Eisenberg, who has autism.


I started writing screenplays in 1990, about three hours after relocating to Los Angeles, California from Rochester, New York (with a six year stop in Binghamton, New York to obtain my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). I optioned one script, Songbird, and had two plays produced at the Group Rep Theater in Burbank.

I have written under the watchful gaze of mentors Ken Rotcop since 1991 and Chris Soth since 2009.

I took a break in 2000 to get married and start a family. My husband and I spent several years caring for our son with autism. It was my son who drew me back into writing when it occurred to me that I had a story to tell about our journey as a family into this world of autism.

Turned out, that story was only the beginning. Since 2006, I have written 4 novels and 19 screenplays. I was a three-time finalist in Steve Lopez’s novel writing contest.

I co-wrote two projects with Chris Soth (and other writers). “Don’t Fall Asleep” was shot in Los Angeles during the winter of 2009-2010 and was released on Itunes and Amazon in 2013. “Safeword” was directed by Chris Soth and released in 2015 on Amazon.

Other mentors include Philippa Burgess, Warren Lewis, and Devorah Cutler Rubenstein.

My script, Warsaw, garnered a quarterfinal slot in the 2009 Screenwriters Expo Writing Competition.

In 2014, I optioned my script, Saving John Doe, with Faye Schwab Productions. 

In 2014, my script Warsaw (formerly Warsaw Freedom) was a finalist in the Scriptapalooza screenwriting competition, a semi-finalist in the Circus Road Film Festival, and a finalist in the Peachtree Village International Film Festival.

Another script, an animation feature called Max and the Happy Prince, garnered a quarterfinal placement in the 2014 Page Screenwriting competition.

I continue to blog weekly for ModernMom.com.

Currently, I am writing a celebrity biography with my mentor, Ken Rotcop. It is due out in January, 2019.


Non-writing history — As stated above, I hail from Rochester, New York. I was athletically inclined most of my young life. During high school I played four sports a year (soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball) and continued to play during my four year college career. I am a member of the University of Binghamton Athletic Hall of Fame (I was inducted in 2005).

I was married in 2001 and our son was born in 2003. By 2004, he was a client of the Lanterman Regional Center here in Los Angeles due to developmental delays relating to autism. He was formally diagnosed in 2006.

My Future

First and foremost, I consider myself insightful, analytical, hard-working, down-to-earth, empathic, and a good-hearted person. With that in mind, does any of us really know our future? I want to continue to publish, produce, and one day get paid for my efforts.

I’m not the 9 to 5 corporate day job type but consider myself very disciplined, especially when it concerns my writing. I have produced a lot of material within my almost 30 years of writing. I will continue to write since my queue of future projects is quite full.

As a side note, if you’re a Star Trek: The Next Generation Fan, I have written two fan fiction novels on site trekkiefanfiction.

I have a passion for autism awareness. Autism led me back into writing. I wrote about my son’s journey with autism which includes her son’s struggles, the parental learning curve, their good fortunes…and a myriad of missteps. The resulting book “A Parents’ Guide to Early Autism Intervention” has helped many parents with young children on the autism spectrum. I followed that book with another autism-related book, “Two Years of Autism Blogs Featured on ModernMom.com.”

I continue to be active in the autism world and write and blog about autism (on Modernmom.com and here) because I have a voice in this community that will help others.

My screenplay writing has blossomed with the addition of many autistic characters. These characters have easily slipped their way into my fiction writing, opening up a whole new world for my work.

I was featured on Shannon Penrod’s show, “Autism Live.” I continue to volunteer and attend conferences as well as helps parents whenever I can.