Autism and Coronavirus   I don’t have to explain too much about this title because we’re all in the same boat. Typical and special needs together. This virus doesn’t discriminate. What is my situation? My seventeen-year-old, my husband, and I are staying-at-home and socially distancing if we have to go out (for groceries, pharmacy runs, and walking).   My son’s school will begin at-home, online learning tomorrow. They plan on bringing the kids back to the school in early May, yet that plan could change. My husband works from … [Read more...]

Accepting the Autism Diagnosis   I was recently reminded of the early days and months of our child’s autism diagnosis. Did we accept the diagnosis right away? Well, our son was too young for an official diagnosis. In those “early days,” he was developmental delayed. We were given a provisional diagnosis from a California Regional Center which gave him services. This was a good thing. When did we receive the actual diagnosis? When our son was three years old. The provisional was removed. He officially had autism. Did we accept … [Read more...]

Autism and Small Town America I found this article interesting since I’ve now been to Iowa, plus I wrote an autism-related screenplay about how to raise a child on the autism spectrum when you don’t live near a metropolitan area (which was not our experience). This is an easy read and very informative… Check it out…   Autism and Small Town America   More on Kimberly Kaplan: To purchase "Two Years Autism Blogs Featured on" or "A … [Read more...]

Autism and The Driving Age My son is almost sixteen. In California, a teenager who turns fifteen and a half can, technically, get a learners permit to drive a car. What about my son? He doesn’t have his learners permit. Not yet. What’s the plan? My husband and I discussed our plan for when our son could attempt to obtain a learners permit and eventually learn how to drive. We are not against it. We feel he could someday drive a car. Our plan is for our son to wait. We told him that he could attempt to get his drivers permit the summer … [Read more...]

Autism and Dating Has my son been interested in dating? Not yet. Not too long ago, I asked him if he was interested in anyone. He said, “No, for the most part.” I asked him to explain that last bit. He said that he had an interest in a girl for a “really little bit,” but didn’t act on it. He decided he wasn’t really all that interested. So, that was that. Any other experiences? One experience is that he does “like” a girl. I don’t think it’s gone past that, and I have no idea how she feels about my son. I have asked him about her and … [Read more...]

Autism and Sleep Issues I stumbled upon an autism-related article that discussed sleep issues among children with autism. Got me thinking about my son and sleep. What’s it like for us? As far as I’m concerned, even though my son has autism, he’s been a pretty good sleeper for most of his life. Not that we haven’t experienced a night or two, but at sixteen, he’s pretty much figure it out. First off, as a baby, he started sleeping through the night at four months old. Wow, was I relieved. So, my son didn’t have those early sleep issues that … [Read more...]

Autism’s Sneaky Trick (This post is not Halloween-themed) I sometimes get lulled into a sense of “normalness” with regards to my son. I forget. My son is very high functioning (yes, I’m using this term here). Now at age sixteen and a junior in high school, I’ve noticed myself beginning to take things for granted. “Can you feed the dog?” He does it. “Is your school bag packed?” Yep. He did it already. “Can you go to my car and get XXXX?” No problem.  “Can you get the mail for me when you’re done Razoring (on your scooter)?” He does this, … [Read more...]