Class Overnight with an Autistic Child Does your child with autism do overnights? My child has done overnights only with other family members. What does an overnight mean? It means that they sleep somewhere that’s NOT their home. Of course, my child has gone on numerous vacations. But, those were always with his parents or a relative. My child sleeps well in a hotel room. He has also done well at a relativeʼs house. I think most families are able to travel with their autistic child. There are some exceptions, of course, but most figure out … [Read more...]

Traveling with autistic kids. Even though my child is autistic, I have never shied away from taking trips with him. He has been on numerous planes and car trips. He has stayed in many hotels. He has stayed at friends' houses, and has even traveled on trains. He has been on the East Coast (where I hail from) many times. He many have logged more vacation hours than many of his peers. So, what is it about traveling with autistic kids? One time we took our child on a day trip to Catalina Island, an island off the coast of South California (we … [Read more...]