A Visit to School

A Visit to School

Visiting my autistic son’s school

I had a great experience at my son’s school.

What happened?

After dropping my son at school, I wanted to visit my son’s speech teacher in order to loan her a book (“Ido in Autismland”). It seemed like the book related to speech, and some of the content might be useful to a speech teacher.

On the way to the speech room, I ran into my son’s aide.

What about my son’s aide?

I used to communicate with my son’s aide on a daily basis.

Last year, we decided to let my son tell me about his day and not the aide “reporting” on it. We wanted to give my son more responsibility.

As a result, I wasn’t communicating with the aide as much.

Communication with the aide

In past blogs, I have written about how it’s important to talk to your child’s aide

That is still true, which is why the aide and I took this opportunity to catch up.

After that, the aide went to join my son in PE, and I continued on my way to the speech room.

Where I ran into my son’s second grade teacher.

What about this interaction?

This teacher wanted to ask me about my published books. She has a friend who wrote a cookbook and she heard I had self-published. What advise could I give the friend?

We talked and promised to email her some information for her friend (which I did!).

I continued my walk to the speech room

After that, I stopped again, this time to talk to a former teacher—my son’s first grade teacher.

I asked her about an autism class that had happened at my son’s school the previous week. What did she think of it? (I had arranged for an employee from Autism Speaks to come to my son’s school to talk to the upper grades and the facility. I will discuss this further in my next blog).

She said it was easily understood and very informative. She also mentioned she didn’t realize that I was behind the arrangement of the talk.

At the speech room

Finally, I made it to the speech room.

The speech teacher and I talked about the book. She actually already had a copy and planned to read it.

My recommendation inspired her to finally start to read it.

(FYI, the next day I managed to hand over my copy to the resource specialist. She hadn’t heard of it.)

Here’s something interesting about visiting your autistic child’s school:


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