Autism and the Stress of On Line Learning

Autism and the Stress of On Line Learning

My son’s senior year is taking place at home with online learning.

His school is on a block schedule (Periods 1,3,5 on one day, Periods 2,4,6 on another day).

The schedule was sent to every parent at the beginning of the school year, laying out exactly which days have the 1,3,5 and which days have the 2,4,6.

This schedule had been working great, until recently.

What happened?

On the original schedule, the last day of the quarter was periods 1, 3, 5.

My son approached me the day before the last day of the quarter and said that his English teacher told them that he had class that day, making it a 2, 4, 6 day.

Okay, there’s a mix up, and who is correct?

What did we do?

I contacted the English teacher. She said she had gotten it wrong. She said the bulletin was wrong and that the day was 1, 3, 5 like it was originally scheduled.

And, then?

On that Friday morning my son is waiting for his first period class to begin. And, it doesn’t start.

He asks me to call the schedule because something is amiss.

The school basically told me I was an idiot for not looking carefully at the weekly bulletin. They had the numbers correct there.

I asked, “Did you highlight the change from the original schedule?”

The woman acted like she had no idea that the original schedule had the day listed as 1, 3, 5.

So, which was it?

It was a period 2, 4, 6 day.

The schedule that the school put out at the beginning of the year had been changed, yet the school didn’t highlight the change or, apparently, notice the change.

Yes, I guess it’s our fault, right?

And, the English teacher’s fault, because she thought it was 1, 3, 5 as well.

Which is fine… If that change was highlighted on the weekly “bulletin.”

It wasn’t.

The bottom of the weekly bulletin still had the original schedule with the original 1, 3, 5 on the last Friday of the quarter.

In addition, the English teacher was also confused.

In other words, they made a change, which is totally acceptable… but also imperative that everyone knows there’s a change from an original.

How did my son handle it?

At first, he was nervous that he was missing class.

He was fine once it all got straightened out, though.

Has there been any other blips?

This other blip is on my son. He had a couple of assignments for a class, and forgot about them.

Luckily, the teacher was flexible and allowed him to turn them in late.

My son has a new white board that we got so that he can write down all of his assignments.

Hopefully, he’ll start to use it more to avoid missing any future assignments.

How is at home/online learning overall?

Above all, it has been well organized and the teachers have been great. They all give a Zoom class on their respective days. (As long as the schedule is correct!) And, the homework has been reasonable.

In conclusion, the way my son’s school is handling the at home, online learning has been top notch. Overall, we have been pleased.

This one blip does not change how we feel about our son’s school.

They’ve been great.

Autism and the Stress of On Line Learning

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