A Light Bulb Moment for Parent of Child with Autism I read this article the other day by a female adolescent with autism. I’ll post it below, because it was very revealing. What did it say? Well, this person with autism explained why she hates her parents. What? Hate is very strong word. Yet, when I read the article, I understood her point of view. Which was? She dearly loves her parents, but she struggles with their idea of her capabilities verses her very real need to download from the outside world in a safe place. She knows that … [Read more...]

Autism and Sheldon Cooper Why do I have Sheldon Cooper on the brain? Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters on the TV show The Big Bang Theory. I guess there are several reasons why I’ve had Sheldon Cooper on my brain lately. First, the regular season (Season 11) of Big Bang is back and I’ve watched two new episodes. Second, the recent discovery that my son is being bullied in one of classes. Third, I watched a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory spinoff called Young Sheldon. Fourth, I took my son to a train museum this past … [Read more...]

Autism and a Red Eye   Over the summer, my son and I flew a red eye to the East Coast. I had taken several red eyes over the last few years, and my son had even taken one with me. I find red eyes are less expensive and I take them because I don’t fly well, which means I won’t sleep the night before a flight anyway, so I figure I might as well take that time to be in the air. How did my son do? The first time he did it, a few years back, he managed to fall asleep for a couple of hours. This time, he didn’t. My son loves to fly, so he … [Read more...]

The TV show Atypical Netflix has recently released a new television show called, “Atypical.” What is it about? (Spoiler alert) “Atypical” is about an eighteen-year-old boy with autism. The story revolves around him navigating high school and hormones. He is a super intelligent kid, who has social awkwardness and obsessions. The show also includes other storylines around the kid’s family, especially his sister, a typical girl who is a year or so younger. The boy’s sister is his best friend. They have a terrific relationship, one that is … [Read more...]

Another Autism Conference   I recently attended my…well, I don’t really know how many conferences on autism I have attended. Let’s just say, it’s a double digit number. Anyway, I ventured down to Huntington Library in San Marino, California and attended the first day of the Profectum Conference (Honoring Individual Differences: The Gateway to Supporting Neurodiversity in Autism and Mental Health Treatment). I didn’t attend any autism-related conferences last year, so I was eager to get back to one. How was it? First of all, I was … [Read more...]

Autism and Phone Data What is phone data? For those few out there who don’t know, phone data is the amount of gigabytes you use when you’re on a device that is connected to the Internet. One thing I learned long ago about my own phone data usage verses my son’s phone data usage (of course, this is ever since my son got his own phone in 2015) is that my son has the potential to use a lot more data than I use. Why is that? Many times in the past, my son will play a video game or watch something from You Tube on his phone. Not that he does … [Read more...]

Spring Break with an Autistic Teenager   This year’s spring break was active for us—especially since I have a teenager. Not that autism (for us, anyway) has everything to do with what activities we plan to do during spring break, but one thing I do like to keep in mind is to make sure my son with autism isn’t spending every free day playing video games. What did we do for spring break? Ever since I have known my husband, we have ventured to Arizona during the spring to watch spring training baseball games. My husband began this … [Read more...]