Vaccines and Autism and Coronavirus – Part Two

Vaccines and Autism and Coronavirus – Part Two

In discussing vaccines and autism and coronavirus – part two, my belief is that vaccines (specifically the MMR vaccine) do not cause autism.

Here’s a review of the first part of this topic:

Vaccines, Autism, and the Coronavirus – Part One

What’s happening in the world right now that concerns vaccines and autism?

A world pandemic because of a coronavirus. The illness caused by this coronavirus is called Covid 19. It is devastating the elderly and folks with underlying conditions.

This virus can spread rapidly especially within large groups of people.

The most common way to spread the virus is from droplets from your mouth and/or touching a sure with the active virus. Then, you (apparently) active the illness when you touch your face.

During this last week of May/early June, millions of people have been officially diagnosed.

Hundreds of thousands have died.

All throughout the world.

The world is experiencing lockdowns, quarantines, and many, many safety precautions. Millions are unemployed. People have adjusted the way they live, especially employing “social distancing.”

Almost everyone on the planet has been impacted.

All of us.

Anyone can get sick. Many can die.

The spread has been slowed throughout the world and treatments have been developed.

Vaccines for Coronavirus are also being developed.

Vaccines, in my opinion, are our safest and most reasonable way for the planet to return to some kind of normalcy. To make all of feel like we can safely return to society.

A vaccine would mean that a large portion of societies and communities may not contract the virus because they would have some protection. A large number of people wouldn’t get sick and many won’t die. Vaccines are our way out.

How does this line up with the beliefs of the anti-vaxxers?

It doesn’t.

Because anti-vaxxers are anti-vaxxers for a reason. They don’t believe in vaccinations.

Even vaccine to help mitigate a pandemic.

How does this make me feel about vaccines and autism and coronavirus?

Angry. Baffled.

I guess what people decide for their children is their own business. Except for the school issue. I don’t believe in un-vaccinated children in school.

I feel it’s a dumb parental decision. But, yeah, they have that right.

Now, what about a pandemic?

What about a virus that affects…ALL OF US?

Do the anti-vaxxers really have the right to campaign against a coronavirus vaccine?

Well, that’s what’s happening.

And, I’m sick about it.

The anti-vaccination movement affected me personally because I have a child on the autism spectrum and do not believe in their movement. I do not believe in the premise that the MMR causes autism.

There is so much science that debunks their beliefs.

Now, the world needs science more than ever.

We need a belief in science. A belief in vaccines.

And, their goodness. We need them to save communities. To save people.

Autism, coronavirus, and vaccines.

I’ll agree that it’s a complicated issue. Yet it only became complicated (born out of) fraud. Spread by a celebrity into a movement. A false belief that vaccine equals bad. Vaccine equals autism.

And, now during a pandemic, those autism-related anti-vaxxers are out in force against (it boggles the mind, but against) a vaccine. Some have even PROTESTED A VACCINE.

They’re protesting because all vaccines are bad and the MMR vaccine causes autism and they like to ignore the fact that the study touted by Jenny McCarthy was debunked… over 150 times!

Argh, makes me crazy. 

This is a pandemic. We need science to get us out of this.

We need vaccines.

What would I like to see in regards to vaccines, autism, and the coronavirus?

I’d like the young man I highlighted in Vaccines, Autism, and the Coronavirus – Part One. That young man’s mother refused to vaccine him as a child. When he turned eighteen—a legal adult—he defied his own mother and got himself vaccinated. Why? Because he did his research and believed in science.

His mind was changed. His ability to think reasonably, to consider his future, and to consider the future of the community as a whole was changed.

My hope is that those who were against vaccinations because they believed they cause autism (specifically the MMR vaccine) because of one study and one celebrity do their research.

I hope they change their minds.

We need them to change their minds. A pandemic needs science and reason…and vaccines.

It makes me crazy, but it’s important…it’s about lives. We can prevent deaths.

If only anti-vaxxers would research, learn, and believe.

Vaccines, Autism, and the Coronavirus – Part Two

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