Can You be an Autism Aide For Your Own Child?

Can You Be An Autism Aide For Your Own Child?

Can you be your child’s aide?

Nobody knows your child better than you. You take your child out into the world all the time. Grocery stores, malls, doctor’s appointments, and family get-togethers, especially ones at public places (Chuckie Cheese, a pumpkin patch, a park, the beach, for some examples).

You know your child’s behaviors, you bring stuff to keep your child busy or distracted, and you’re even able to head off meltdowns. You can spot the signs of oncoming trouble.

What about really being your child’s one on one?

I was never able to be a school aide in my child’s classroom. I was too distracting to my child.

He always had a school-provided aide that worked out well.

Still, I have been in the classroom. I have attended classroom parties where parents were invited.

These are always interesting because I get to see my child in action around his classmates and get to observe how he fits in with them.

Field trips were different.

There have been times when my child didn’t have an aide assigned and/or that aide could not attend a field trip.

So, I have had to step in and become my child’s one on one aide.

As any good aide, I try to allow my child to broker his own social situations. I step in when needed and step back when my child doe not need intervention.

It takes more of my time to go on field trips or attend events in this manner, but it’s been a great experience.

Sometimes you just do what you need to do.

Here is some information about learning how to aid your child:


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